...Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves... Surah Ar-Rad 13:11 The Holy Quraan

Melapalayam Progressive Forum - Joining Hands With Other Scholars

A Presentation/one day program conducted on the back-drop of Sachar Committee Report to discuss on the joint role to be played by the Aalim Community & MPMPROF to improve the condition of our society. Program conducted on 01/Dec/2009 at Usmania Arabic College, Melapalayam and participated by more than 50 Aalims of Melapalayam.

Conducted a Computer class for Aalims under topic "Computer - An Introduction, Fundamental & Usage" on 11th to 21st Apr 2012 for a period of 10 days and around 10 Aalims participated and benefited.