...Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves... Surah Ar-Rad 13:11 The Holy Quraan

Melapalayam Progressive Forum - Awareness

Awareness Programs

Periodical meetings are conducted in Melapalayam, Chennai & UAE to create awareness on education & social change. Opportunities like Ifthaar are well utilized. Our website www.melapalayam.co.in is used effectively to spread our objectives and to request support.

Occasions of holidays during Eid-ul-Fitr & Eid-ul-Adha are utilized every year to conduct our General Body meeting which acts as an Awareness session as well.

Apart from the above a session was organized in 2013 in Melapalayam participated by Social Activists and Educationalists of our town. Individual discussion by Executive Members of our forum also helps dissipate information on our activities and take the message further.

Parent Awareness Meeting

To Create the awareness among parents on current educational scenario and their support to their kids, we are organizing awareness meetings for them in regular intervals in each region of Melapalayam.

Awareness Programs