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  Posted | 11/03/2018 17:33:08

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Job skills - Regular coaching classes in MEEF

| Starts On  2018-03-11 Ends On  2018-03-11 | Author | Email

Assalamu Alaikum Var.. 

Dear All.,

Further to our students meet organised last Sunday (04-03-18) we are planning series of coaching classes for our Mpm college students to update their skill set for Job Opportunities.

Insha Allah today evening FIRST session is being organised. We will take students inputs on academics & other requirements on this session / Resume preparation introduction will be given in today ’s session. Insha Allah this session will be continued On alternative Saturday’s

In addition to last Sunday attendees, newcomers are also welcome! Pls take it up with your known students and make use of this opportunity. 

Date: 10-03-18 ( Saturday)

Time: After Isha 8.15 pm

Location: MEEF Library

Br Ismail PM

Behalf of MPMPROF