...Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves... Surah Ar-Rad 13:11 The Holy Quraan

Melapalayam Progressive Forum - Medical Aid

When tragedy strikes through accidents and sudden diagnostic of ailments, the poor of our society are much in need of financial support to take care of their beloved ones.

We are very pleased to indicate that from 2009 until May- 2017, we have extended our Financial Support to 35 patients across Melapalayam

As it's a life saving aid, our Zakaath is fully eligible for being paid to the poor.

Medical Aid process

Whenever we get information about the struggle of any poor, we initiate the process with a request letter addressed to our forum. Subsequently our members will visit the patient's family to collect more information and verify their genuineness

Further a mail is sent to our forum members detailing the patient's requirements and funds are pooled in our bank account and handed over to the patient.

Please notify a genuine case to us by clicking here. And if you wish you can also contribute your zakath amount by clicking here.