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Melapalayam Progressive Forum - Events

Regular Events & Activities:
  1. Awareness sessions to create Social & Educational Awareness.
  2. Vendru Kaattuvom (We Can Win) - An event to guide the students on "How to score high marks". Senior teachers provide Tips & Tricks to give an in-depth understanding on how to present them in exams.
  3. Q&A Booklet distribution for SSLC & HSC.
  4. Honouring Top Scorers - A stage to recognize and encourage the achievement of young brains (Class 10, 12, University Rank holders & Research scholars) who scored very high marks/gold medals.
  5. Providing Educational Scholarship.
  6. Aptitude Sessions for final & pre-final year students.
  7. Employment Help Desk.
  8. Coaching classes for Competitive exams.
  9. Providing Medical Aid.
  10. Knowledge Sharing Sessions.
  11. Soft skills development sessions.
  12. Online Scholarship applying camps.
Events & Activities based on availability of resources/support:
  1. Career Guidance - An event where experts guide the students of Class 10 & 12 to advise them on their future career options.
  2. Planting trees to improve greenery.
  3. Distributing informative Calendar.