...Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves... Surah Ar-Rad 13:11 The Holy Quraan

Melapalayam Progressive Forum - Vendru Kaattuvom!

வென்று காட்டுவோம்! We Can Win!

The journey of establishment and growth of school education in Melapalayam is a tough one.

Given the poor economical condition of Melapalayam, people from earlier generations were very much engaged in earning the livelihood for their families. Kind hearted and dedicated people from our forefathers made great efforts in establishing schools in Melapalayam and the benefits are being reaped now by their grandchildren.

It's needless to say that parents of huge number of students are illiterate and hence are unable to guide and support their children's learning needs. Lesser number of schools, naturally end up with most students in each class room and to a greater extent affects the quality of education.

By the Almighty God's grace we have excellent and sparkling students and pass out percentage from the schools are also appreciable. However the need to tune majority of the students is well felt. To get the most out of our students and to make them excel in exams வென்று காட்டுவோம்! We Can Win! is being conducted.

It's an event to guide the HSC & SSLC students on "How to score high marks". Senior & Respectable Teachers provide Tips & Tricks to give an in-depth understanding on how to present them in exams. Students participate in great numbers and by the Almighty's grace the event has been successful in all the years.

Vendru Kaattuvom
Vendru Kaattuvom

The below table indicates the number of students participating in the event.

No. of Students
2016 800 380
2015 850 250
2014 650 300
2013 800 350
2012 800 200