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HSC & SSLC Q&A Booklet Distribution
Q&A Booklet Distribution

Government of Tamil Nadu went ahead with the upgrade of School Education by introducing Unified Educational System (UES, SamacheerKalvi) in 2011, which was welcomed by all Educationalists and Experts. Practical problems faced while implementing UES created an uneasy feeling in the minds of the students, especially in the Government schools which were earlier following the State Board syllabus

Even Magazines and Newspapers which used to publish model question papers couldn't do the same due to implementation of new syllabus of exam pattern. This unique scenario and an opportunity to serve the society were answered by publishing a Model Question & Answer Booklet for the SSLC students for the academic year 2011-12.

The Model Question & Answer Booklet included 3 Model Question Papers with Answers for 1 Question paper. The Q&A booklet was well received by the student community, Parents & Teachers. Considering the response from the students Q&A booklet was also published for HSC in 2013. The consecutive years 2014, 2015 & 2016 as well the same was published for SSLC & HSC and distributed to the students "Free of Cost". In the last two years, around 300 copies of HSC QA booklets were distributed to Kayalpattinam students upon a request. Alhamdulillaah!

Q&A Booklet Distribution

Students gather in large quantities for our வென்று காட்டுவோம்! (We Can Win!) program and Q&A booklets are distributed during this occasion.

The below table indicates the number of Q&A booklet distributed to students.

No. of Students
2016 1000 650
2015 1000 650
2014 1000 350
2013 1000 300
2012 1000 -