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Melapalayam Progressive Forum - Honouring Top Scorers

Honoring Toppers & Achievers
Honouring Toppers

Compared to the students from urban area and wealthy family background, students of Melapalayam are at a disadvantage to excel in their academics. Students with extra ordinary acumen and caliber outperform even students who are well off financially as well as having highly educated parents.

In order to recognize their achievement and to instigate a thirst in the minds of the younger community, Achievers are honored through a function in which Certificate of Appreciation and Prizes are distributed to top performers of SSLC & HSC Public examinations, University Rank Holders and for Doctoral candidates.

Melapalayam was in the limelight during 2011, thanks to the Almighty for blessing A. Saddam Hussain with a State level ranking. He stood 2nd in Tamil Nadu with a score of 495 out of 500. The same year Aasim Arshad achieved 4th place in the HSC examinations with a score of 1185 out of 1200. MPMPROF was more than happy to present momento to these blessed students. Gratitude of MPM-ites was expressed through Wall Posters.

Honouring Achievers

From 2009 to 2011 MPMPROF supported the function which is clubbed with the Library's anniversary function. From 2012 onwards MPMPROF is co-sponsoring the event.

The below table indicates the number of achievers honored in the event.

No. of Achievers
Year No of Toppers and Achievers Honored (Including SSLC, HSC, RankHolders, Doctrates)
2016 106
2015 183
2014 156
2013 182
2012 90