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Career Guidance for SSLC and HSC Students
Career Guidance for School students

Students and Parents always land in a dilemma after the public examinations of SSLC & HSC, especially illiterate Parents are completely unaware of the Educational scenario and career options available in today's world. Most of them go by the choices of their friends which are not always correct and mostly end up in a course which either is unrewarding or too challenging for their nature and abilities.

We have a classical example in hand in Tamil Nadu where more than 1,00,000 engineering seats are unfilled after counseling. Students and Parents going with the general perception end up in a branch of study which is saturated.

To eliminate this short fall, Career Guidance program is organized for the HSC & SSLC students to guide them towards their best possible career option. Distinguished professionals deliver key notes which clearly indicate the available options in various fields of study like Medical, Paramedical, Technical, Financial and Social/Humanities. Question & Answer session at the end of the program further clarifies the subject.

The event was conducted in association with MEEF library from 2009 to 2011 and conducted solely by MPMPROF in 2012 & 2016.

Career Guidance for College Students
Career Guidance for College students

As you all are aware, it is not easy to get a job in this tight competitive scenario without sharpening skill set of the students pursuing UG / PG courses. Hence we have been conducting many coaching classes (like KSS., Aptitude Sessions, Spoken English, Spoken Hindi etc) and Career Awareness Programs periodically to make students to be aware of the market requirements and update them with additional skill sets.

We invite experts from Human Resources / Management Field / Trainers to conduct these sessions with students.